About Arne

My name is Arne Gockeln and I am a Senior Software Developer with 23 years of professional experience as a freelancer and founder. During this time I have gained valuable experience in Greenfield-, WordPress- and Custom Software projects.

Since 2000 I am engaged in applied software development mainly in PHP. I also gained further experience in compiler languages like C++ and Swift. Most of my projects were greenfield projects, which I accompanied from the client's idea, through requirements analysis and conception, to realization, implementation and launch.

Freelancer Expertise

  • Concept development of Greenfield projects
  • Software development PHP & C++ backend
  • Digitalization and automation of work processes using shell scripts
  • Connection and integration of REST interfaces
  • SQL databases, design and data modeling
  • Project management in Kanban & Scrum

I can understand complex processes quickly and communicate them in an understandable way to my team and to stakeholders.

In addition, I have been a founder or involved in start-ups in the software environment several times and can draw on a long history of experience in software selection, building processes and company structures, digitalization and automation of work processes, interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, product development as well as project management in agile project teams using Kanban and Scrum methods.

Companies that I have worked for are rumble/Lensing Media, Vodafone, RTL Interactive, DFX, Star Finanz-Software Entwicklung und Vertrieb, ruhr24, Standpunkt Kommunikation, and many more.


  • Expert in the use of macOS, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
  • Expert in the integration of REST APIs/interfaces
  • Expert in concept development and implementation of end-to-end systems and Greenfield projects
  • Experienced in Swift, SwiftUI and SwiftData
  • Understanding of design patterns and object-oriented programming
  • Knowledge of using the Git versioning system
  • Project management experience in Kanban & Scrum
  • Ability to work independently in a structured manner and meet deadlines

Work with me

You can book me as a 100% remote freelancer for Concept- and Software Development.
I will charge a daily rate of 1,000.- EUR plus expenses and taxes.

Connect with me

I am living in Lübeck, in the North of Germany. You can reach out to me in English or German. The latter is my native language.