Hi, I am Arne.

A Senior Software Developer & Freelancer who turns into a Solopreneur by building a Mac App company.

On this website I share valuable information about my journey building a Mac app company from scratch and releasing my first product. Follow me, get inspired and discuss with me about the best way to build something useable.

The Goal and #buildinpublic

I stumbled across the hashtag #buildinpublic on x.com and found it very inspiring what other people are sharing about their solopreneurship or what they are building. That inspired me to create this website and share all my ups and downs along the way building a Mac App company from scratch.

My goal is to make the best Mac Apps for Solo Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders. My product ideas are ranging from productivity and project management apps to tools that supports you in analyzing and optimizing your product- and landing pages for better SEO and conversion results.

My Career

First line of code 🤘

I have written my first line of code in BASIC in 1992 at the age of 10 using a Commodore 64. That hooked me up and never let me go again!

I got my hands on other languages as well, such as PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, Objective-C and now Swift. Being a software developer is awesome! Always something new to learn :)

As a Founder

This is not my first rodeo in starting a company from scratch. I started my first software company at the age of 18 in late 2000. We had good success in building online shops and custom software.

In 2006 I started another company to build a web content management system as a product. We targeted small businesses and I had run that company as the CEO for 3 years.

In 2018 I started an algorithmic trading company to trade the forex and futures markets on autopilot. That didn't worked very well, but at least I tried that crazy endevor.

As a Freelancer

From 2009 on until today I was working as a freelancing Senior Software Developer PHP Backend. I worked for companies such as web agencies, software companies, startups, fintechs and others. I worked for bigger names like Vodafone, RTL interactive, Star Finanz Software Entwicklung, Standpunkt Kommunikation and LensingMedia/rumble. From web, over machine learning to financial technologies. I had some interesting projects where I gained a lot of experience.


Let's do business
Let's make software

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